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Entity Clearings

What is an Entity?

Entities are non-physical beings, or what some might call ghosts or spirits.  We are all entities, and they are just like us, only they’re not in a body.

In Shakespeare’s time, it was considered normal and usual for people to talk to ghosts.  Shakespeare included ghosts in a number of his works.

Many traditional societies believed in the existence of entities and developed methods for clearing or removing them.  There are also varied and sundry historical religious references regarding the clearing of entities, and many religions have rituals dating from ancient times for dissipating any residual energetic attachments once a person has passed over.

How To Know If Entities Are Present

Do you have lots of voices in your head?   

Do you know people who do irrational or bizarre things?

Do you know people who act in age-inappropriate ways? (they have walk-Ins)

Is your intuition telling you all is not well?

Do you have suicidal thoughts?

Do you not remember what happened when you were a child?

When Entities Can Attach To People

When under anesthesia

When in a coma

During a serious, long-standing illness that depletes a person’s energy

Drug or alcohol intoxication

In high-stress jobs or situations

Birth trauma

During shocks and traumas (car accidents, war zones, during natural disasters)

When knocked unconscious (accident, injury, sports, etc)

Entities may attach to people during seizures or those who exhibit obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Entities Can Attach To Vehicles, Animals, Vessels, Homes, And Buildings

Have you owned a car that would be considered a “lemon”?

Have you owned a boat or yacht that was renamed and then started “acting funny”? (Not running correctly, bizarre            happenings, etc)

Do you know someone whose house is haunted?

Benefits of Clearing Entities

Entity Clearings can help to restore your health -- physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. There is normally an immediate awareness of a change once the attachment has been cleared.  Your energy levels soar, and your mental clarity and emotional balance often return. You will feel yourself again, with a renewed sense of self, purpose – and, for the first time in a long time -- what life can be like free of this affliction.

Entity Clearing Sessions

Entity Clearing Sessions can be done in-person or remotely.  While the thought of having entities cleared remotely may sound unusual, keep in mind that entities are energetic beings, and do not reside in physical form, other than to what they have attached themselves.

I offer Complimentary Consultations, usually via email or phone, as applicable, where we’ll discuss your particulars, address any questions, and determine the requisite fee.

All pricing is in US Dollars, and fees will vary according to the complexity of the Clearing.  Most Clearing Sessions range from $100 for a simple session, to $750 or more, as the complexity & number of entity attachments increases. Where the circumstances necessitate multiple Sessions to fully clear attachments, then each Session will be charged accordingly.  While most Clearings can be completed rather quickly, now and again Clearings may take a bit of time to resolve completely, and patience is required.


Entities can drain your vital energy, and it is not unusual to need additional healing work to get your energies up to full strength once you have been cleared.

Rest up for a couple of days after the clearing, and make sure to drink plenty of water (60 oz each day) to help flush your system.  

While immediate results often occur, sometimes it takes awhile to feel the full benefit of the clearing, so please be patient. 

It is highly recommended to avoid ingesting alcohol for 7 days after the clearing session.

Occasionally, one may experience a healing crisis after a clearing. For example, you may have periods of feeling emotional, weepy, or you may feel shaky, like when coming down with the flu. Usually in a day or two your energies will normalize, but if you become at all concerned, please see your doctor.

If after 7-10 days of having been cleared you still feel that your energy is low, or your energies feel murky, then further work may be needed. Please contact me to determine what is needed.

Monthly Check-Up Service

For clients who have had long term attachments, or who are concerned about remaining clear, I offer a Monthly Check-Up Service after the clearing process has been completed. You’ll be given my private number for priority access to me should you feel at any time that you've picked up additional attachments.  Minor clearings are included in this service up to a total of 30 minutes of clearing per month.  If something more substantial arises, additional fees will apply. This service can be canceled at any time by notifying me via email.  My wish is for you to feel supported, knowing that help is readily available.  $70/month

Call (727) 415-4772 for a Complimentary Consultation