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Serving clients throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, with offices located in Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Move Beyond Limitations In Your Life & Pain In Your Body

to Living The Life You Truly Desire!

CranioSacral Therapist

Remote &Vibrational Healer

Inspirational Speaker and Author

Reiki Master / Teacher

Flower Essences Counselor

Life &Wellness Coach


What Is Coaching



Live The Life You Truly Desire!

My Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is a one-on-one relationship that is focused on empowering you to achieve what you most desire.

A coach’s job is to ask empowering questions, deeply listen, and share tools & techniques that guide you to discovering and developing your natural talents and strengths. Through using the power of questions, possibility, and choice, clients create exciting changes in their life, which allows them to live the life they truly desire.

Our Partnership

To create lasting results, I recommend partnering for at least three months. This gives us a chance to really dig in and make progress. More typically a coaching partnership lasts nine months, with some of my client relationships lasting several years. We’ll choose what feels right for you.

Getting Started

“Living the Life You Desire” Coaching Program

Your First Month Includes:

A Complimentary 30-minute “Get to Know You” Coaching Consultation (via phone or skype),

A 60 - 75 minute “Create the Vision” first session (via phone or skype),

Three 30-minute phone/skype calls,

Unlimited Direct Email Support,

1 – 2 brief (15 minute) check-in calls as necessary.

$300 Investment in You  --  Yes, I’m Ready to Begin!  

Then, each month thereafter you’ll receive:

A 45 - 60 minute “Next Steps” session (via phone or skype),

Three 30-minute phone/skype calls,

Unlimited Direct Email Support,

1-2 brief (15 minute) check-in calls, as necessary.

$300 Investment in You

Special Offer

Pay for 3 months in advance, and save $50 off the total!

Coaching Can Empower You To:

Discover your strengths and passions

Define and focus on your vision

Create your unique plan to create your future

Release blocks and obstacles to ensure your success

Get powerful, empowering tools to successfully move forward

Get experienced support and accountability to ensure your success

Create fulfilling, joyful relationships

Improve communication skills

Create and Live the Life You Truly Desire!