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Serving clients throughout the US, Canada, and Europe, with offices located in Saint Petersburg, Florida

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Move Beyond Limitations In Your Life & Pain In Your Body

to Living The Life You Truly Desire!

CranioSacral Therapist

Remote &Vibrational Healer

Inspirational Speaker and Author

Reiki Master / Teacher

Flower Essences Counselor

Life &Wellness Coach


What Is Coaching



Live The Life You Truly Desire!

Do you avoid looking in the mirror?

Are there  parts of your body that you would very much like to change?

Do you set diet or exercise goals and find yourself failing to reach them?

Benefits of Ideal Body Coaching

Have an Eating Program That You Enjoy

Have Lots of Energy

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Create the Body You Truly Desire

How Ideal Body Coaching Works

During this personalized program, you will

Discover what has created the body you are currently living in

Learn what motivates you to achieve success

Release limiting beliefs that are keeping you from having your ideal body

Design a Lifestyle that works for YOU

Create a Plan For Success

Are you ready to have Your Ideal Body?

What If Losing Weight Could Be Easy and Enjoyable?

Your Ideal Body

Call (727) 415-4772 to get started today!

“After working with you and releasing my body image views, I’ve lost 35 pounds!”

~Rene L.