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Remote (Distance) Healing  Sessions

Remote healing work is an etheric healing process performed from a distance. Working within the quantum field allows for profound healing, regardless of proximity. Restrictions of space and time do not exist in the quantum field, which allows for a healing session to take place at any time in any location.

My Remote Healing Sessions involve locating the client in the quantum field, reading your body’s energy, and then releasing the blockages that are underlying your symptoms.  My work also involves a deep clearing process of removing errant energies that sap your vital energy.

Additionally, I have the unique capability of sensing your CranioSacral Rhythm through the quantum field as well.  This allows me to release the specific restrictions that I become aware of in your body that directly affect the optimal communication and functioning in your body.  

Everyone experiences the remote process differently, depending on your level of sensitivity. Usually clients experience a diminishing of their symptoms during the session, with continued improvement over the next few days or so.  In some cases, clients continue noticing improvements for several weeks after a session. As the process unfolds, this healing work provides for a continuing improvement of your well-being on all levels.