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Hands-On Healing Sessions

Preparing For Your

First Session

You'll want to wear comfortable clothing to your session and be prepared to discuss your treatment goals.

Are you seeking relief from specific symptoms, or are you preparing for surgery or some other procedure?

You will get the most out of your session if you can be specific about your healing needs.

Your First Session

At the beginning of your first session you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire.  

There will be time given to discuss what to expect from your session, and to address any questions you may have before beginning the session.  

During the Session

You remain fully clothed and typically will be lying down on a comfy massage table.  Most clients find sessions deeply relaxing.

After the Session

At the end of the session, time will be left to check-in about your experience, what awarenesses came about, and any questions.

Homework will be given as applicable, and the option of future sessions will be addressed.


It is not uncommon for people to desire a bit of quiet time after a session. Be sure to drink plenty of water and set aside extra time for a good night's sleep.