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What do you most value in life?

For me it’s the moments that are so completely full of joy and ease that I find myself without words to describe them.

The gifts of joy in my life have come from living in the question, always expanding, allowing life to move through me – and me through life, knowing that more is on the way.  Ease is found in being empowered by choice – every few moments a new opportunity to choose.

The consciousness that has grown from choosing it, and the empowered choice that has grown from consciousness, allows us to be who we truly be – without the necessity of holding onto any particular point of view.  

Laughter, real belly laughter, with tears rolling down my cheeks, is truly the divine medicine for all that ails.  The grace of living in the moment, allowing myself to be deeply absorbed in each moment as it passes, knowing that from here all is possible.

And gratitude -- for all the choices that have led to you visiting with me on this site and beyond.

Best to you,


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It’s a common human “condition” of this day and age … people are unsatisfied with their lives – they’re just going through the motions, making it to the end of each day, then waking up the next day to do it all over again. Their lives lack purpose, or they lack enough joy, or enough money, or they have unsatisfying relationships, or dead-end jobs.  

In addition, people are experiencing pain and dis-ease in their body.  The focus of their energies is on making it through the day, wishing for answers, hoping that what is ailing them will somehow go away.

What if living the life you desire really IS possible?

Sandy is an award-winning healer, revered by many who have been seeking to live the life they desire – a life of purpose, abiding joy, abundance, and success. Having the pleasure of working with people from all over the planet, Sandy was recognized by the US Virgin Islands in 2008 by being voted “Best In Holistic Healing.”  

Sandy specializes in listening…to the body, to energy, to all the subtleties that are often overlooked.  From this unique set of skills, Sandy has the ability to hone in quickly to where there are blockages to release them and turn them into pathways to what you desire in life.  

Whether there are blockages in your body, in your relationships, in your beliefs, in how you perceive yourself or the world around you, in your career, finances, time management, or in any other area of your life, Sandy has helped hundreds of people release their blockages and turn them into pathways to fulfilling, satisfying lives.

From an early age, Sandy has utilized the Laws of Creativity to overcome a chaotic and unsupportive beginning to become a successful and respected businesswoman, life & wellness coach, speaker, and healer.  Over the years, Sandy has applied her expertise and unique skills to an ever-expanding audience of people seeking to live the life they desire.

Dedicated to those who are truly ready to live the life they desire, Sandy works with groups and individuals in releasing blockages to create pathways forward to living a life of purpose, filled with joy, having ever-growing abundance, and true health.  

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