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I have known Sandy as a "step-ahead" business leader that invests her time and her expertise to support the success of business owners in the community. After a recent back injury, I made an appointment for treatment. Sandy does a great job of walking you through each step of the session. You know exactly what is going to happen and the purpose of each step. During the treatment, I could feel the movement of fluid and release of muscles. After the session, Sandy took time to teach me several self-care tools and movements I could do at home to continue healing. The next morning, I felt 60% better, after 2 days of following her advice I felt 85% better. The speed and amount of relief after just one session was amazing!”  ~~Liz Lopez

“Sandy does phenomenal work. If you have anything that ails you, I highly recommend a visit to Sandy. She has the magic touch and you will feel so much better after your treatment.”  ~~David G.

“I had severe, debilitating headaches that kept me from working steadily for many years. My wife has had to work 2 jobs to support our family. I tried other therapies with no relief. I saw Sandy for 2 sessions and I’m astonished and so thankful that I’ve not had a headache since! I’m now looking for a full-time job, so my wife can stop carrying the whole load. I’ve been going to my son’s baseball games again. I’ve been sleeping well and I have much more energy. I'm back to being my old self again. My family and I are excited about our future again. Thank you Sandy! “   ~~Don

"I was being treated by a medical specialist for terrible shoulder pain and frozen shoulder. I was tired of medications and wanted to get to the bottom of a terrible situation that had gone on for months. Sandy has taken me further than any Doctor said I could go. I have been able to work and enjoy life, which I hadn't done in far too long. My shoulder and surrounding areas that were also compromised are 90% healed and life is good. Pain and illness are depressing. I am one of many who sing the positive praises of Sandy Schell.  ~~Nancy Barry

Before meeting Sandy I suffered with severe migraines for the last 35 years. In recent years they became more hormonal, also triggered by the weather and stress. I would spend at least 3 days a month laying in bed suffering with migraines. And at times I would have to go to urgent care for a shot to finally feel better.

My husband gave me Sandy’s business card and I started having sessions with Sandy in September 2009. And, I am thrilled to say, I have been migraine free since October 28, 2009. Fast forward to today, I am leading a very full and active life. I have much more energy. The days are long and very busy. I haven’t spent time lying in bed suffering from a headache, instead I spend time working and enjoying time with my family. The major difference I see is the smile on my child’s face knowing mommy isn’t going to be sick, and we can go play or go to an activity that we’ve been looking forward to. There is no more disappointment or sad face saying, ‘Mommy don’t get a headache, because I want to go to the party.’ I feel as though I have a new lease on life. Meeting Sandy has been a real  blessing.  ~~Lisa K.

Sandy, you are my health angel! I had a stroke (TIA in medical terms) in August of 2009. While I could move my left arm and hand, I was, however, numb from the top of my head to my hip on my left side. The doctors ran every test and in the end they could find nothing that was causing the numbness. I could not pick up things and hold onto them. I tried various exercises and treatments, but they did not relieve the numbness. I then heard about Sandy through a paramedic who said I should give it a try. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a shot. I saw Sandy for two months, and to my amazement I have almost 90% feeling back. I can use my arm and hand again, and do things I had not done in a long time. Sandy made me feel like a functional person again and that is a great feeling! I recommend her to everyone who has a medical condition that seems impossible. Thank you Sandy!"  ~~Roger Jones