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Live The Life You Truly Desire!

Host a Bars Party & Experience a Bars Session during the Party!  

Wow, how does it get any better than this?!

Gather up to 20 of your like-minded friends for a couple of hours to share in the magic of Bars!

During the party I will teach you and your guests several tools that you can use every day to dramatically change any area of your life.  

I will run your Bars during the party at the same time I run verbal clearing statements for you and your guests.

The clearing statements are used to quickly clear energy and blocks that may be limiting you.  You pick the topic ... there are a variety of topics you can choose from, including money, ideal body, relationships, health, parenting, career, etc.

Bars Parties are approximately two hours long.  This offer is for parties hosted in the Tampa Bay area.  If you live outside of the Tampa area and are interested in hosting a BARS party, please contact me for more information.   


Bars Parties