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Move Beyond Limitations In Your Life & Pain In Your Body

to Living The Life You Truly Desire!

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Live The Life You Truly Desire!

Would You like to LOOK, FEEL, and BE YOUNGER?

Do you have less energy than you used to?

Has your reflection in the mirror put on a few years?

Do you feel that "this is just what happens as we get older?"

What if we could reverse the appearance of aging?

Have you noticed that some “older folks” don’t “look their age” – AND their bodies are more limber and more lively than other people the same age?

What if looking and feeling “old” was a just a choice... and what if we could choose something else?!!

Come enjoy this 1/2 day Access Consciousness Body Process Class where you’ll learn two Processes that will help you reverse the affects of the aging process:

1.  Learn a Process that undoes the effects of aging by releasing “stuck” beliefs that as time goes on we must get stiff, look older, have less energy, etc.


2.  Learn how to undo what creates wrinkles! (and Crow’s Feet, and Laugh Lines too!)

These fun, easy-to-learn Processes will change your perspectives about “getting old” and they will unlock tensions and dis-ease in your body.

How does it get any better than this?!

Open to the Public -  Reserve your seat now!

Note: If you are a massage therapist you receive 4 CE hours for this course!  Do you have clients that would enjoy receiving these gentle, yet powerful healing processes from you?