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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership process through which an individual is supported in moving forward in achieving a more rich and fulfilling life.  You discover more of who you are, and who you’d like to be, as you move toward realizing your goals, your dreams, and your vision for yourself. Coaching helps you achieve results and lasting changes.  As we apply individualized tools and strategies toward your reaching your goals successfully, you will deepen your self-awareness and enhance the quality of your life.

The Benefits of Hiring A Coach

Create more balance in your life

Reduce stress and overwhelm

Feel happier and more successful in your life

Create your life more the way you’d like it to be

Make powerful, clear choices that work well for you

Explore more empowering perspectives and attitudes

Navigate transitions in life with more ease

Enjoy increased confidence and self-esteem

Move beyond the limitations of your past

Create more fulfillment and purpose in your life

“I believe we all yearn to live deeply meaningful, fulfilling lives.  When we are clear about our values, and are living in alignment with them, the choices we make are more empowering and fulfilling.  From this, we can shine our light for others who are still searching for a way out from the darkness.  I would be honored to assist you in living a more empowered and fulfilling life.”  ~Sandy

What do Coaches do?

Coaches observe, listen deeply, and ask integral questions to serve you in achieving a better understanding of yourself in relation to successfully moving toward your goals and dreams.   

Coaches assist you in making lasting changes through the exploration of your motivations, needs, desires, and belief systems.

Coaches use questions that inspire insights, solutions, and positive shifts in viewpoints that help you achieve a more rich and fulfilling life.

Coaches hold a positive, supportive space for you as you grow into more of who you desire to be.

Coaches offer an objective vehicle for you to discover more of yourself, develop greater talents and abilities, grow, step into more of what you desire for yourself, deepen your levels of fulfillment, and achieve success in your desired areas of life.

Coaches assist you in creating an effective path forward to meeting your goals and objectives.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling.  Coaching is solutions-based, and does not delve into past circumstances, situations, events, etc.

Why Hire A Coach

Hire a Coach

When you desire significant change in one or more areas of your life

When you are not achieving what you desire in life

When you are feeling unfulfilled in life

When you feel as though your life has little or no purpose to it

When you would like to move quickly and decisively toward achieving your goals and dreams

When you are looking for more from life (you may or may not know what that “more” is)

When you are unhappy with an area of your life

When you feel you are lacking the necessary resources to move forward

When you do not know what the next step should be

When you don’t know what the best choices are for yourself

When you have goals, but have not yet achieved them

When your commitment levels or motivation levels are inconsistent

When you are tired of doing what you think you "should" do, and you’re ready do what you "want" to do

When you’re looking for more meaning in your life or your work

Why does Coaching Work?

Coaching is effective because the synergy between you and your coach creates an atmosphere of insight, inspiration, and momentum forward for you.

Coaching is effective because defining and refining goals, combined with creating an effective action plan, support you in achieving your goals and dreams more quickly and with less effort.

Coaching is effective because it offers you lasting, life-changing results and benefits.

Coaching is effective because you have an objective support system in which you can grow, develop new skills, and create more success in your life.

Do you ever feel like life is directing you, rather than you directing your life?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to enjoy being you?  Simply being yourself, without having to be a SuperPerson, or live or be as others want you to?

On a scale of 1 -10, how fulfilling is your life?  (1 = not fulfilling at all …  10 = totally fulfilling)

What’s missing for you?

When was the last time you asked yourself what you truly desire?

When was the last time you asked yourself what truly inspires you?

What is it costing you, in terms of happiness, fulfillment, joy, opportunity, achieving your dreams, sleep, time, money, health, satisfying relationships – to keep living as you have been?

Take a moment to imagine your life as you’d like it to be.  You’ve achieved your goals and dreams, and you’re living as you truly desire to live.  How does that feel for you?  How fulfilled do you feel?  How inspired to get out of bed each morning do you feel?

Is today the day?  Is today the day you’re putting your foot down, and you’re saying, “I’m worth it, and I’m ready to move forward in achieving my goals and dreams, starting right now!”

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